Out for Lent

Great day, good people! Just a quick note. I am stealing away during the season of Lent. There will be no postings from Journey of Jewels until after Easter. Need a little boost of encouragement in the meantime? Check out previous posts of inspiration by clicking on the following:

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I truly appreciate you ❤️

Much love,

Dr. Tammi Love

This Time of Year

God is my constant. This time of year, God usually reveals His power in ways that seem to hurt me but later reveal He was indeed helping me. He’s a constant Father in that way. This time of year, God usually pushes me inward to discover something that I’d lost. He’s a constant Friend in that way. This time of year, God usually breaks open the sky so that I can see Him more clearly. He’s a constant Provider in that way. This time of year, God usually exposes the enemy from its miserable hidden spaces. He’s a constant Protector in that way.

But why does God pursue me in this way? Why does He hold on so tight? Because I asked Him to. I asked God never to leave me. I asked God never to let me miss Him moving in my midst. And this time of the year, an intentional season of sacrifice and prayer, my eyes and ears are locked onto God like never before. I am His, and He is mine. This time of year, I am renewed in God saving me from foolishness. This time of year, I am reminded that I am set free from the shackles I’ve allowed to debilitate me. This time of year, I am resurrected from the weight of someone else’s hurtful words and deceptive schemes. I give notice; I belong to the one who is my constant. He will hold me with His mighty hand. God is my father, friend, provider, and protector! Who is your constant? To whom do you belong?

It’s Necessary!

“The glory of your future rests in the discipline of your present. Don’t get willy-nilly at critical turns in your journey or linger too far from your post, lest the disingenuous take your place and cause harm. Your tremendous future depends on your persistent good work for Christ and others. IT’S NECESSARY!” ~ Tammi Love