Journey of Jewels Announces a Workshop Series

My writings over the past year have done something miraculous in my life. They have awakened something in me that I thought I had laid to rest years ago. God truly uses our journey to bless us and others, if we only allow it. I am truly humbled and count it a privilege to be used by God in any way. So after much prayer and counsel from God, I’ve said ‘yes’ to His call to go a little further from where He first took a hold of me. A place where He took the time to mold and shape me and stirred me to be who I am today, a daughter who desires to honor and please her Heavenly Father.  The development of The Beauty of You Workshop Series was birthed from my journey of surrender. I am so grateful to God to hear the positive feedback from my Blog readers and to be a part of someone else’s transforming journey! I pray that if you are able and available that you will attend the first workshop in March. It’s free! I encourage you to share the announcement with your family and friends. And without question, I ask that you join me in covering this God-work in the powerful, delivering, transforming blood of Jesus! May God continue to bless you, amazingly!! The workshop is held in conjunction with Pineville AME Zion Church’s Learning Institute. The workshop description is below.

The Beauty of You Workshop Series Description: Often times as women we tend to focus our interpretation of beauty on our outward appearance. It may surprise some that our true beauty emerges from some place else, somewhere hidden, unseen from family, friends and spectators. Time after time God has worked patiently and lovingly to alert us to the essence of His beautiful creations. Our callings, ministries, and journeys are the manifestations of our beauty, starting from what may appear to be unattractive canvases. What a captivating picture of beauty you are! Yes, our high and low seasons, all of our ins and outs, ups and downs, twists and turns, quandaries, life interruptions and learned lessons, molded together, is God’s beautiful creation, your captivating beauty – the Beautiful You!

We will take a journey of embracing our individual beauty, in three interactive workshops, understanding the beauty of ourselves, thereby proclaiming its power.

Spring Session Class: “The Power of Different”

Subsequent classes include:
The Power of Our Reach and The Power of Our Fruit offered in the Summer and Fall sessions respectively.

When: Sunday, March 8, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

Where: Pineville AME Zion Church, 4200 York Highway, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Please register for the workshop online by clicking HERE

Did somebody just drop off their mess at your front door step, packaged all pretty like it was meant for you? In your curiosity or even naiveté, you brought the packaged mess into your house, only to learn after some unnecessary grief and careful examination that the package was never for you in the first place. Stop bringing somebody else’s mess into your house! It becomes poison that potentially destroys you and your house! Get your life! Return that mess back to sender! Stay the course of your amazing journey. You’ve just uncovered another precious jewel. You – are – amazing! Walk humbly in that. No more mess! Shine on!

Sometimes God will cause you to laugh out loud as a response to your spiritual eyes being opened. Things are clearer now. You’ve just uncovered a precious jewel. Now allow it to shine!