Out for Lent

Great day, good people! Just a quick note. I am stealing away during the season of Lent. There will be no postings from Journey of Jewels until after Easter. Need a little boost of encouragement in the meantime? Check out previous posts of inspiration by clicking on the following:

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I truly appreciate you ❤️

Much love,

Dr. Tammi Love

Change Your Story

Monday Motivation: “It’s not easy trying to please everybody. Nor is it possible. It’s exhausting and wasteful. The truth? You’ve spent too much time jumping hurdles and turning backflips for those who drain the promises living in you. Coworkers, family members, and friend circles have held your purpose hostage for far too long. Change your story. Escape your weary mindset. Walk away from harmful spaces. Dare to chase after and clinch the determination God is stirring up in you. It’s a new season, a new day. A new beginning fixed on pleasing God, the Almighty. Change your story. God is your help. You Shall Live!”

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