I Choose God

With all that I face, with all that I encounter and with all I anticipate, I choose God. I must choose Him for the alternative is sure death. Without God’s rebuke, His counsel, His feeding, His filling me up when I’m absolutely empty, I am nothing. He is my bread and water, my sustenance. I need Him to survive.

A near-fatal car accident shattered my foolish practice of living in the gray, afraid to wholeheartedly choose God and His way. In that moment God stepped into my senseless space and opposed me. He stood firmly in my path and drew a sword against me to stop me from continuing down a path of danger and definite death. The Bible shares an encounter of an angel and Balaam, a man possessing the gift of prophesy. God commanded Balaam not to honor the request of King Balak, of the Moabites, to curse the Israelites, God’s chosen people. After another request from the king God permitted Balaam to go with the king’s men. However, God cautioned Balaam to only say what He would tell him to say. When Balaam prepared to leave with King Balak’s men God became angry about Balaam’s eager attitude, so he sent an Angel to stand in the road to kill him.

“…the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes and he saw the Angel standing in the roadway with drawn sword, and he fell flat on the ground before him…“I have come to stop you because you are headed for destruction. “ (Numbers 22:31, 32 The Living Bible)

God wanted my attention. He wanted me to live! So He acted quickly and severely in a near-fatal car accident. Life and death were literally before my eyes in that moment and I called on God. I yelled it, from the depths of my soul. I made my choice that day. I chose God. I’m grateful He loved me enough to drastically oppose me. God wanted me to live in complete joy and peace, getting the true prize of this life, not the lie the world dresses up and sells to the greedy. He wanted to preserve my story; He wanted to protect my witness for what was waiting down the road. There were places, people and circumstances waiting on my testimony of getting through when the enemy tried to steal, kill and destroy. There were experiences of unexplainable strength to share when weakness seemingly dragged me down. There were whispers and callings resting on the dew of mornings poised ready to fall fresh on my life. There was enormous promise waiting for me. The promise is still there, bidding me to come, denying foolish acts, pressing toward a high calling in Jesus.

Is something blocking your path? Is God trying to get your attention? He wants to know who you choose. Choose Him. No more gray area. Choose God.