A Great Work

Monday Motivation: “Those once ignored and invisible. Buried under strife and systems of inequity. Are now visible in plain sight. Sharing uncomfortable journeys of becoming God’s great work. His masterpiece. No more feeling small. No more settling for less than what God planned for you long ago. You are destined to experience more than you can imagine. Trouble don’t last always. God is doing a great work in you! You shall live!”

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Your Journey Matters!

Monday Motivation: “Your journey is unique. Its details are riveting. Every triumph and trial is pushing you to a crucible of personal reformation. Who are you? What have you become? Being honest with yourself gets you closer to a glorious truth just beyond the limits of your past. Give voice to the truth that your best self is still to come. Your journey matters. You Shall Live!”

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Blaze A Trail

Monday Motivation: “Business-as-usual is not the strategy for this season. Keeping up with gimmicks and aligning yourself with superficial trends disguised as the “real thing” will not get you what you need to live on purpose. Your former self is out of context with the now. Pivot, then pursue the light on the path less traveled, where God is. Blaze a trail there. You Shall Live!”

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