Today Will Be Different

My youngest daughter loves to explore the adventures of life. She entered this life on the cusp of adventure. After hours of unforgettable labor, I delivered my baby girl with surprising evidence of an impossible predicament. To the naked eye, it appeared she would not be able to walk because of what we later learned was dysplasia of the hip. Yet her exuberant cry and the demanding aura of her presence supposed something different.

No matter what our situations look like, our doubting behavior, or the demons that harass us, we can present all of our predicaments to an everlasting God. And He settles them all, leaving nothing undone. What some cannot fathom or manipulate to fit into their limited understanding, God creates teaching moments to provide lessons for transformational living. What others are fearful of proclaiming or for those who are slow to offer Him praise, God presents tests to expose their heart. And to all who are watching and waiting for God’s incredible work, along an adventurous journey, He presents a stage for His miracles, signs, and wonders. Then He watches to see if we do anything different.

Sooner or later, in the comfortable responses we offer our predicaments, we must declare, “Today will be different.” No more doubting, disguising and destroying the notion that God’s way is best. Be different than those in the world living a lifestyle of bitterness and misery. Choose a lifestyle, believing God.  My husband and I experienced our promise-keeping, way-making God in the delivery room that day, sixteen years ago. We prayed relentlessly, laid our hands on our daughter, and repeated the promises God made to us back to Him. Then God answered us with a miracle. Our daughter’s condition was corrected in record time; her growth rate was not disturbed, nor was her mobility averted. We gave God praise with our lips through that journey, and we showed our gratitude with a devotion to His Way. God’s wonders continue to take center stage in both of our daughters’ imperfect lives, telling a story of the possibilities of God.

Try this: Challenge yourself at this moment, with all you are dealing with, to declare, “Today Will be Different!” Now live what you have professed. God is watching.

“But if I were you, I would appeal to God, I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” – Job 5:8-9

“Nothing is impossible for God.” – Luke 1:37

A Walking Testimony

I met a stranger a few days ago who shared something powerful with me. In our brief interaction she said she was having a challenging day. In that moment she was pressing her way through her work shift while also pressing her way through the realities of taking chemotherapy every day. The more I listened intently, the more she shared. She explained she was living with a rare blood disease that required a daily chemotherapy pill for her survival. My jaw dropped, and my forehead wrinkled. This woman didn’t look ill, nor did she struggle to move around. However, she did look a little worn, no doubt tattered by the issues life. Still she mustered up a big smile on her face and fashioned a smile in her eyes. She looked determined, wearing her work uniform with pride and what seemed to be a shield of perseverance across her chest. This woman was a walking sermon. A walking testimony that edified me in that very moment.

Yes, I’ve experienced life and death situations in my personal journey. Situations where God’s mighty hand saved me. Yet, somehow, I was finding it difficult to allow those experiences to minister to me in my current realities; realities that include aging parents with health challenges, finishing my doctoral studies and wearing multiple hats in carrying out the responsibilities of wife and mother. Meeting this stranger reminded me of the gift of life. No matter our predicaments or setbacks, God gifts to us seconds, minutes and hours in days we’ve never seen before. God gifts to us a world to walk freely in, humbly living our testimonies in the midst of people who need to be edified, who need to be resuscitated and encouraged. Sermons are not always preached from a pulpit. They are effectively lived. What sermon is your life preaching? Whose life have you edified without bringing attention to yourself? Someone is waiting for you to walk their way.

God is Mastermind!

“You are not the mastermind of your journey. Renew your thinking by recognizing God’s mighty hand and redeeming touch in your triumphs, challenges, and impossible situations. Look and see what God has done along your journey. God is Mastermind!

~ Tammi Love

It’s All Good!

“Don’t fret about who won’t. Be encouraged by who will. You’ll be surprised by who God will reveal. It’s all good! Work purposely with who God blesses you to travel with along your journey!”

~ Tammi Love