A Renewed Life!

Some things need to be said, again and again. “We’re not promised tomorrow.” These words can cut deep in hindsight and in pressing through. However, these words are lived, rather than mourned, when we embrace the “right now” moment God is allowing us to experience, for what will later be revealed as gathered parts of a whole that will all work together for our good (Romans 8:28).

We are inundated with reminders in our news, communities and families that indeed tomorrow is not promised. Yet, we must fight the urge to feel helpless or hopeless. We must succumb to a “a-ha” moment that illuminates a “yes”, eyes wide open, to a new perspective of our present moments. The Bible reminds in Romans 12:2 that a new perspective is a transformation, a renewing of the mind that allows us to figure out what God’s will is – what is good and pleasing and mature (Common English Bible).

Love more and despise less. Look to the sidelines rather than the spotlight. Walk in the beauty that is your story and refuse to wallow in comparisons. Run toward the weary, the mistreated and left behind. And resist the adversary in all of its forms of deception and hostility. Let’s run our race like God is watching. Let’s run our race like our tomorrow depends on it.

Love in Leadership Matters

“When leaders are consistent in leading with love, trust comes easy, credibility is on its coattail and the leader’s message finds a comfortable home in the hearts of his/her listeners. Love in leadership matters!

~ Tammi Love


‘It’ came out of nowhere and disrupted my plans. I perceived ‘it’ to be disastrous and described it as horrendous, then suddenly recognized ‘it’ came from God’s hand. My rush of selfishness almost prevented me from experiencing the move of God in a miraculous and unexpected way. The pivotal light bulb moment came when I stopped my complaining, stopped replaying the events and emotions of my disaster, and took a deep breath. I exhaled.  It felt so good, I did it again. And as quickly as I released another breath the intricacies of my ordeal forcibly rushed into the newly liberated corners of my mind. Without hesitation and with specific intent, I exhaled once more. I felt my spirit uncoil from its grimacing state and felt the grace of wings flutter within me warding off what was no longer welcome, allowing God’s voice and warmth to fill every empty space. God is clear. He can move through anything and anyone to remind us of His covenant with us. He will do it, not to harm, but to offer us a future and a hope. Therefore, we must give Him our undivided attention. When we slip away from that directive we can exhale to regain a new perspective of our situation. Exhale as often as needed. In the beginning, the breath of God, by the thrust of words from His mouth, made all things good. His goodness is available to us in our most uncomfortable moments with the help of our own breath. Breathe in, breathe out. And repeat as often as needed. Your heart will rejoice and your gratitude to God will overflow and bring you peace with a new mind. God is relentless in His love for us and committed to His covenant with us!

“He is the Lord our God; his judgments are in all the earth. He remembers his covenant forever, the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations,” – Psalms 105:7-8 English Standard Version