Now Is The Time!

We are living in the days of spiritual warfare where retreat is not an option and action is necessary. We are living in the days where it is necessary for us to hop down from the pedestals of posturing and celebrity-minded living. Not heeding this necessity makes the guilty parties look foolish, like little girls and boys in adult bodies playing dress up and make believe. There’s no time for this kind of mockery in days where the struggle of life and death is the reality pressing against every generation – from the youngest to the oldest. There is no time for fruitless, deceptive, mindless behavior!

Instead, we, the redeemed, the transformed, the ‘yet holding on’, must show up; we must patch up our wounds and brush ourselves off from the disappointments and uncertainties of life; we must untangle ourselves from our fetal positions of despair; we must dry our weeping eyes; and we must join the fight pressing against us with the full armor of God, standing firm with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, feet wrapped in peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit.

We must commit to this fight because God is declaring Now is the Time! Now is the time to use what God has already poured into us. Now is the time to use our position of favor to help turn our communities around, our world around – from utter death and destruction. For such a time as this!

Never the Same Again!

“What man thinks is reprehensible, Jesus believes is necessary – to engage with the left out, looked down, looked over, forgotten and cast aside. Our encounter with Jesus leaves us never the same again!

~ Tammi Love

It’s Necessary!

“The glory of your future rests in the discipline of your present. Don’t get willy-nilly at critical turns in your journey or linger too far from your post, lest the disingenuous take your place and cause harm. Your tremendous future depends on your persistent good work for Christ and others. IT’S NECESSARY!” ~ Tammi Love