I Don’t Mind Waiting

The evidence of an effective Christian leader or an eager follower of Christ practicing their faith is one who waits on the Lord. Waiting isn’t a nuisance for them. It isn’t a waste of their time. Waiting on God is the best strategy for a Christian to get what he or she desperately wants – an answer from God. Whatever that answer may be, a Christian doesn’t mind waiting on the Lord.

Only God delivers answers to difficult questions man usually fumbles with temporary fixes. Only God closes doors to reveal promise in open windows. And only God orchestrates seasons of tribulation to be the birthing ground for breakthroughs. God sees the bigger picture. That fact has to be a remarkable game-changer for Christians. It has to make a difference when struggling with defining moments to trust God or man. 

The lost man or woman relies on seemingly clever tactics, innovations, and networking maneuvers amidst uncertainty. However, the re-born follower of Christ counts on and respects the beauty of waiting on and trusting God. Waiting is a sacred experience of expectation that reveals God’s magnificence, His rebuke, His love, and His instruction. Most of all, our waiting on God activates a renewal in our faith walk, a revival of our calling, and restoration of our zeal to obey Him. This perpetual rebirth is enough to allow us to run on just a little while longer, trusting everything will be alright.

“but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:3

The Audacity to Laugh

The first few months of my marriage to hubby, we owned a 1970 bright yellow Sunbeam. Hubby paid a couple of hundred dollars for the car. It sported a sunroof, house carpet for the floors, a tricky brake system and automatic year-round heat, courtesy of the missing engine barrier to the inside of the car. One beautiful summer day we decided to take a scenic drive to Topeka, Kansas (from Manhattan, Kansas) taking the back roads. The drive was beautiful indeed as we laughed and talked, riding with the windows down, enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly we saw road construction signs and construction workers with flags warning drivers to slow down on both sides of the road. A slow pace turned into a stop as the workers began to lay asphalt. What we hoped would be a quick stop turned into a long, sweltering moment in quite an uncomfortable spot. Hubby and I cracked a few jokes at first; however, our laughter became a dead silence as the mid-day sun beat down on us and the engine heat spilled into the car. We dared not turn the car off in fear that the car would not start back up. In Hubby-fashion, he cut the silence with an “It’s so hot” joke and we laughed until we nearly cried. It didn’t make much sense that we could laugh in such an uncomfortable situation. But we were. We were laughing in the midst of our pain, in the midst of our detainment, in the midst of our uncertain moment. The audacity to laugh at such things!

You are in a tight spot right now; an uncomfortable situation. You’ve cried, asked God ‘why’, lashed out, blamed others for your current state, had a pity party and you’ve cried some more. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says,

“Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.”

Life is full of joys and pains, with some downright difficult moments. But hang on and pray, keeping your mind on God. He will bless you with jewels in your valley that you could never find on the mountain top. After all, He is the Lily of the Valley, beside you at your lowest moment. And He’s already arrived at your highest moment, waiting on your humble approach. He is everywhere at the same time. No matter high or low, God is there. He will lead you in all things, if you only let Him. So stir up a smile, dare I suggest, even a laugh. Things will turn around sooner than you imagine.

After hubby and I got out our audacious laugh, the construction worker waved the flag for us to move forward. It was our turn to be released from our uncomfortable condition and to ride freely to our destination. We were delighted to do so! God is prepared to wave the flag for us, giving us permission to move forward, closer to our promise. We may suffer a little while, as others in Christ do; however, in His time He will restore us, make us strong and firm and place us on a firm foundation (1 Peter 5:10). Smile in the midst of your situation. God is near!