foneYesterday, I received a printed word of encouragement on a slip of paper, in an unlikely place, at an unexpected moment. The encouragement was a scripture – Romans 10:13. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (New International Version)

I’ve read that scripture before and have heard it preached in a sermon or two. However, last night, that scripture fell fresh on me, giving me renewed power. Why? Because my life’s journey is a testament of calling on the name that has given me love, peace, protection and power – Jesus! Sincerely and passionately calling on the name of Jesus has saved me! And last night, God reminded me, that His word still remains true, including right now, in my every circumstance and situation. You see the list of evidence is continuous, never ending. For me, His name has held back death in the midst of its approach, His name has rescued me from my despair, His name has summoned angels to watch over me, His name has caused my enemies to fall around me, His name has healed my body, His name has healed my heart, His name has mended relationships, His name has showered down revelation, His name has supplied needs, His name has given indescribable strength and power, His name has forgiven me. His name is EVERYTHING to me! His name has saved me!

How about you? Who do you call, at an instant, in the moment of your need, no matter how great or small? Are you calling on that ride or die friend, your sibling, your parent(s), your grandparent(s), your mentor, your colleague, your spouse, your significant other? Calling on Jesus is not always to beckon His fixing power but to also endow you with tools, gifts, wisdom and power for your time of need. I’m convinced of it. God assures us that He goes before us, is with us and will never leave or forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:8) He gives us a name of power to sustain us – Jesus! God desires for His children to lean on that name, to trust that name, to believe in that name, to CALL on that name. It will save us! Allow God’s words to live loudly in your life. You can do this!

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