There’s something victorious about looking for something and finding it. Especially something you lost or thought you lost. A recent conversation with my earthly father left me feeling like that, victorious, afresh and anew, as if for the first time.  We talked, recently, for what had to be nearly two hours, about an hour shorter than our talk three or four days prior. I called him late in the afternoon and he answered the telephone a little groggy, just awakening from a nap. He asked me questions to ensure all was well, me the same and then we settled in for a talk. Surprisingly, my passionate, opinionated father listened to me, without interruption, as I shared some struggles I was dealing with; a tugging I could no longer ignore; and the strong desire to follow God’s leading, however, with some hesitation. I shared with him that I was feeling a little frustrated, irritated, disappointed and fed-up. Does that sound familiar? In good, ‘My Daddy’-fashion, he finally said, “Tammi, you know I’ve been there.” He went on to encourage me, reminding me of his struggles and triumphs. We laughed as we preached to each other with scripture until I felt released from my frustration.  Before we hung up the phone, my Daddy said, “Tammi, you have everything you need – and that’s Jesus Christ.”.  I hung up the phone in tears, as I felt the medicine of those words do its complete work in me. What I thought was lost, was not. It only needed to be rediscovered. I was alive again, resurrected, by the word of God, by the good counsel of the wise, and by the stirring up taking place on the inside. Yep, that’s victory.

Many of us are dying a slow spiritual death, on the inside, where others cannot see.  Our outward appearance may display that we have it all together, but a discerning spirit will discover otherwise. Many of us are moving about in a state of confusion, hurt and defeat. Some of us have been in that place a long time, others just arriving there. So how are we saved from this condition, this dismal place? The answer – by the powerful, courageous, intentional, life-giving words of our lips. Words that will resurrect ourselves and others. God is the Creator of new mercies, every day. When we deserve the worst, God still allows another opportunity for us to offer Him our best.  As my father reminded me, Jesus is the key to offering our best to God. He is everything we need.

This week’s Prayer Assignment:

Pray – Lord, please forgive me for my disobedient thoughts, words and deeds toward others, ultimately offending You. Even recalling them in memory brings me shame. Forgive me, Lord. Empty me out of all my unclean ways, and pour into me Your goodness, Your love and Your Way. Thank you for the love You’ve shown me in days past and this present day. 

Lord, I’m feeling a little pressed right now, on every side and its left me confused and lost. I’m losing confidence in myself and the calling You have on my life. My foes are all around me and a true friend is nowhere to be found.  I need a fresh wind of Your love, grace and power to whisk through my life right now, to encourage me, empower me, to resurrect all the good work You are doing in me! You are my fortress and stronghold! You are my present help in the time of storm! You are Alpha and Omega! You are my Champion! In You I have my being. Save me from the wiles of the enemy that attack my mind, my loved ones and my calling. You are victorious in all things, God. And I proclaim victory because I am connected to You, I am Your child. Thank you for Your presence, Lord! Thank you for Your leading and guiding. I commit, today, to do all things, through Jesus Christ, who gives me strength. It is in Your beautiful Son, Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer works! Complete the prayer assignment and watch God move in your midst. You can do this!

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