One of the worst feelings is physically being thirsty and not having anything to quench your thirst. It’s a little frustrating, right? Experience reminds you that not just anything will satisfy. Yet the need must be met.

In my late 20’s I was faced with the results of years of bad “thirst” choices, a pivotal moment of life or death. For many years I was an avid soda-drinker. Every day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time – I drank several cans and bottles of soda. One of my favorites in my undergraduate days was a Mountain Dew for breakfast. Oh the thrill of sugar meeting carbonation! Yep, I was crazy hooked. In my mind, that soda was quenching my thirst and providing a nice ‘kick’ into my day. Until the day I was rushed to the hospital, incoherent, moments from a crossroad of life or death. My poor “thirst” choices were drastically infecting a vital organ in my body and that infection was moments from invading my blood stream, which would have led to death. I remember a nurse telling one of my visitors in the hospital, referring to me in endearing terms, that I really had no idea how sick I was. And I didn’t. I didn’t realize that years of consuming something that provided instant gratification was silently eroding something that provided me life. I didn’t realize that what I chose to quench my thirst was about to take me out.

Thankfully, I’m still here to share my story. But I had to undergo a mindset and lifestyle shift. I’m not perfect. I work hard to make better “thirst” choices every day. Most importantly, I’m working even harder to thirst after the things of God. You see, there was another day I was faced with a “thirst choice”, this time a spiritual choice that would lead to spiritual life or death. I remember the day like it was yesterday. That day I expressed to God that I no longer wanted the temporary satisfaction that the world offered. I no longer wanted to live a life straddling the fence. I had an incredible thirst within me and all that the world was telling me to quench it was not fulfilling. I was on the edge. Are you there? Have you been there? Thankfully, I made the greatest choice I could ever make in my life…and it saved me. That choice is Jesus Christ. I committed fully to Him that day, no longer straddling the fence, so that I would not thirst anymore. The Bible says in John 4:13-14,

“Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.” (The Message Bible)

This week’s Prayer Assignment:

Pray – Dear God, I desire to live a life totally committed to You. I no longer desire the temporary highs of life, I desire and thirst after only You, the one who can give eternal peace and everlasting life.  I reject fleshly desires that interrupt Your divine plan for me. I’m a little scared but I know I need some things to change in my life. I need You to quench my thirst. I’m all in God! I surrender to You this day. Your Word says that You will never leave me nor forsake me. I’m trusting You and depending on You to make good on this promise. You are a keeper of Your Word and You are not a man that You would lie. I can’t do this without you. I need You! Thank you, God, for this moment. Thank you for your unfailing love.  

Hear my plea, oh God, that I will not turn from You or Your Way. Incline Your ear to me and grant me peace. I pray it all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer works! Complete the prayer assignment and watch God move in your midst. You can do this!

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