We are living in peculiar times. We’re experiencing unprecedented struggles that have yielded a bold complaint from our heart to God’s ear, “This isn’t fair.” Job, in the Bible, suffered unimaginative loss and pain, repeatedly. When Job couldn’t take it anymore, Job demanded God explain Himself. His heart questioned God. What is this?

Job’s suffering came at a permissive utterance from God. God made a back-room deal with Satan, allowing Satan to attack Job. The book of Job details his struggles, but also his repentance and recovery. Job’s story is good news for us today.

God is writing a book with the details of our struggles and our overcoming. The book God is writing concerning our journey is proving to be a best-seller. Our loved ones will read about the back-room deal God made with Satan at the onslaught of what we thought was going to take us out. They’re going to learn about how we pressed through and made it over. Maybe our book will take 42 chapters as in the book of Job, or perhaps it’ll take more. No matter the length of our book, God will get the glory in all we go through if we’re mindful of the words our heart speaks.

In despair, do we curse God? In disappointment, do we question God without deeper reflection? God understands our frustration in times of uncertainty. He also understands our anger. However, when times of weakness push us to poor choices, we allow our love for God to direct us to an intimate moment of remorse. Our authentic encounter opens the window of experiencing more with God, to include gaining back everything we lost and more.

Hold on! Don’t throw away all you’ve experienced with God! Your better days are ahead.


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