up nextTo be honest, all of us are just trying to make it. We’re trying to live the best we can with the cards we’ve been dealt. And all of us have been dealt different hands in life. Each of our story boards look different, and our positions within our stories vary, yet our angst, our desire is the same. We want to reach our goals. And in many cases, we just want an opportunity of significance that will place us in the vicinity of our goal(s). We’ve watched others go before us – some are successful, some not so much. But we want an opportunity to succeed too; we want in. Who’s got next?

My family loves basketball. We love it even more when our oldest daughter is on the court. She’s currently in the midst of training, preparing for the upcoming season. As parents, we are intentional about providing opportunities for her to be the best player she can be-opportunities that will continue to strengthen her skills and fundamentals, including competitive environments that allow her to watch and listen, then respond. She has impressive goals and desires in the game of basketball and for the next level. She wants in. Who’s got next?

My husband is a veteran. He has shared some pretty heartbreaking war stories with me. However, there is a training story he has shared with me and the girls, as well as shared from the pulpit, that continues to stay with me.  Actually, it is more of a life lesson – never be too quick to jump ahead of the rest. During training, his unit (artillery) engaged in contests to fulfill expected goals and requirements. Others in his unit would rush to be first to receive the great honor of being proclaimed the ‘winner’ and uplifted as ‘the one to beat/the one to watch’; only to be disappointed when my husband’s name was called. He was not consumed with being first, for he used that time to watch those who went before him, watched their decision and skill process.  He knew his skill set and gained more by watching those who went before him, subsequently, He would ultimately, outscore those in his unit and break records. He watched and he waited. He wanted in. Who’s got next?

Are you in that position right now? Are you waving from the sidelines on the bench, pleading with your supervisor, your teacher, your guardian, your coach, your God – “I Got Next! Pick me, pick me. Let me in! I Got Next!’? For some, God has already beckoned you to come out from the sidelines. For others, He has said to wait a little while longer for your time is not now. Psalms 75:6-7 says,

“No one from the east or the westor from the desert can exalt themselves. It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.” (New International Version)

God sees you. He hears you. Allow Him to promote you, don’t get ahead of Him. When God promotes, EVERYTHING falls into its rightful place and He is glorified. You want next? Allow God to be God. You can do this!

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