good-morning-pictureMy father and I have what is now becoming a routine. I am the only child out of four that lives some distance from home. So we have developed a routine with our communication, by telephone. The routine is not so much when we talk, rather it’s what we talk about, particularly on special days at my prompt, ‘Hey Daddy’. It goes a little something like this.

*Telephone rings*

Me: Hey Daddy.

Daddy: Why hello Tammi! Well, should I say Ta-ma-ra (He says my birth name, enunciating all three syllables on special days, always finishing his greeting with a chuckle).

Me: (slowly joining in on the chuckle) Merry….

Daddy: (quickly jumps in) I was just thinking about you. (He sings) Me—–rry Christmas! (He belts out a hollering chuckle…like a farmer calling his cattle)

Daddy: I beat you to it, Tammi! (More chuckle)

Me: Yes you did Daddy. Yes you did. Merry Christmas!

Daddy: (still chuckling) Tammi, the early bird gets the worm.

By this time, I really can’t resist to join in on the laugh, mainly because he is having such a good time getting a kick out of himself that his laughter becomes contagious. Even though I’m not physically in his presence, I can see him in my mind, the episode that is ‘My Daddy’s laugh’.  He is rearing his head back, smiling big enough to see the back gap in his mouth from a missing tooth, his dark complexion is literally glowing with laughter with rosy cheeks seeming to rise as high as his eyeballs causing a wink, his hands rub his belly, and he periodically throws is head forward to repeat the gestures two or three more times. So yes, I couldn’t resist. I had to join in on this hearty laugh.  My laughter encourages his laughter to continue a little while longer, allowing him the opportunity to throw in more punch lines. When he’s done, we finally catch up and talk.

Lately, conversations with my father have included emphasis on his daily early risings. He talks about his routine and his productivity. He’s very proud of what he is able to get accomplished in the early hours of the day.  I admire that about him. I am not an early bird. I’m a night owl; I’ve been a night owl for a long time. However, the moments when I am forced to rise early – because of meetings, services, hubby is out of town, kids’ activities, etc. – I find that I am blessed behind it.

The Bible is full of scripture about the blessing of morning time; about the blessing of rising early. God blesses at all hours of the day. However, scripture assures us that joy, peace, mercy, satisfaction and help comes early to those who seek Him at that time. Jesus experienced some pretty miraculous and powerful moments early in the morning. In fact, many preachers enthusiastically deliver the words, ‘Early on Sunday morning, Jesus got up! He rose from the dead’.

Work schedules and other obligations may prevent some from rising at a traditional early hour. However, God will provide you the motivation needed to do so. Let us be careful to not position ourselves as lazy or slothful in our pursuit of God and His pleasing.

“O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.” (Psalm 63:1, New King James Version)

Although a work in progress, I have begun the work in rising early, without being forced to. And I have been blessed. Seek God early and you will be blessed beyond what you can think or imagine. You can do this!

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