Prescription Bottle - blank labelA couple of years ago, right before turning 40 years old, I received an interesting doctor’s report. My yearly physical exposed an alarming deficiency in a needed area.  In addition to health-adjustment recommendations, my doctor prescribed a seed-like pill that was to deliver a powerful punch to help move my numbers from deficient to normal. Initially, I was discouraged by the report; however, I followed the doctor’s orders…for a little while. Last year’s physical exposed the same deficiency. My doctor put on parent gloves and chastised me in royal fashion. He reminded me that I had a husband and children who needed a wife and a mother in good health. His instruction and prescription for me was the same as the previous year, with a mid-year follow-up. This time around, I was more diligent in my obedience, and although I didn’t see much progress on the outside, I felt a major work being done on the inside. The year went on, I continued my obedience to my doctor’s plan; but, unfortunately, the day-to-day demands of life consumed me, and I missed my follow-up appointment. A few weeks ago I went for my yearly physical, with a new doctor (we moved to another state). My new doctor was also concerned about the deficiency in my records. I told her how hard I had worked in the past year to better those numbers. So we waited for the lab work results. Last week, I received a good report from my doctor! My numbers were good, after two years of lack in one area, and an overflowing of goodness in other areas. ALL my numbers were good! My doctor joined me in celebrating a good report.

We and the world we live in are operating and moving about at a level of deficiency. Yes, we would have others believe the opposite because we’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring, masquerading and over-compensating. It’s our daily routine, our practice. And practice makes perfect, right? So have we become perfect hypocrites, frauds? Are we afraid of the hard work needed to be authentic, viable, and effective beings? God has prescribed life-sustaining medicine to us for our deficient condition. Its medicine that’s not always popular when a ‘quick fix’, a controlled outcome, and/or a ‘right-now’ understanding are desired. Even still, it works, it yields results that move past the surface, reaching deep down to every groove, crevice and corner. The medicine is prayer. Whatever your deficiency is, prayer can heal it! Prayer packs a powerful punch. Even better than the medicine my doctor prescribed, prayer is a seed that carries with it enormous promise. A promise that God will hear and will answer us, when we seek Him with our whole hearts…not that phony stuff we do for applause and likes. God cannot be mocked, He is not deceived. We reap what we sow (Galatians 6:7). Take a look around- in our justice system, in our homes, in our schools, in our churches, in our social organizations, in our cliques – some things are missing, like genuineness, viability and effectiveness. I imagine God is patiently waiting to hear the choir of His earthly children, in unison, with varying notes of honest praise, thanksgiving, and plea. Let us sing a new song, people, embracing the hard work that will ensue. Let us go before God in prayer, on one accord, seeking His will to be done. Then let us wait for His response and be obedient to His leading and instruction.  It’s way past time. We can do this!

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