My pastor encouraged us this past Sunday in church to never lose sight of our greater. He reminded us to not allow people, things and circumstances to take us off course. He gave us all a blue string to wear on our wrists as a reminder that our greater is always in reach. I didn’t realize the moment I tied the knot on my blue string that my conviction of greater would be tested and tried, not even a whole 24 hours afterward! I was a bit beside myself. I couldn’t believe I was so caught off guard. Then, in that pivotal moment, a gentle voice whispered to me, “Look at your wrist.” The voice came from my husband, my pastor, as he came to my side. I had nearly forgotten the string was there, resting on my wrist (shaking my head). Thankfully, taking a look at that blue string quickly reminded me that my greater is much more than any distraction hurled my way. My greater is in reach! So is your greater! Keep a reminder near. You’ll need it. Stay the course!

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