I met God one day. Our meeting was unlike any other encounter I had experienced before. God filled every inch of the space we were in, even spilling over the edge of my vision. During our meeting He told me everything about myself and He reminded me of His greatness and omnipresence. I was like a child hanging on to every word and afterward I felt brand new! The weeks and years that followed were just as He said and promised. God’s ways are wondrous!

Then, suddenly, life began to be a little more challenging. The more I pursued God and committed my daily walk to please Him, the more narrow my journey became and the more weariness hung around. People started acting funny and talking funny, and life kept coming at me fast. I needed another meeting with God. Yes, I prayed, fasted and prayed again. But I longed to see Him and hear Him like I did before. I had to physically go to that place. Subsequently, in the words of my bishop, what mattered most happened next.

A few weeks ago my family and I went on a retreat, after missing a year. God heard our cries and He allowed me to finally stand in the place where I met Him some years prior. The very same location where God told me everything about myself and where He reminded me of His greatness and omnipresence. I stood before His magnificence and my spirit wept with joy. His magnificence, in ocean form and a setting sun, overtook me. He spoke to me once again, very clearly and plainly. He reminded me, as the sun disappeared off the edge of the water leaving a sky riddled in shades of red, orange and blue, that He is still there, here, wherever I need Him to be. He has not left me, nor has He forsaken me. He remains when everything and everybody disappears. And He loves me, little ‘ol me. He knows all about me and He loves me still. During our stay God embraced me daily with the warmth of the sun and the whisk of the wind. He nourished me and filled me with comforting words. I felt brand new once again. I was grateful. Upon our departure home I proclaimed to God, “You are great and You are awesome”.

The weeks that followed have been just as He promised. He is moving in ways that I could not orchestrate myself. And He’s doing it for little ‘ol me! Just for me! He’s doing it for you too! He is Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End! He will do just what He said. Won’t He do it?! Yes He will! Believe it. God is great and He is awesome!

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