There’s something about the name of Jesus! The mere mention of His name fills time and space and accomplishes the seemingly impossible. The list of evidence is continuous, never ending. For me, His name has held back death in the midst of its approach, has rescued me from my despair, has summoned angels to watch over me and has caused my enemies to stumble and fall around me. The name of Jesus has healed my mind, body and heart; has mended relationships; has showered down revelation; has supplied needs; has given indescribable strength and power; and His name has forgiven me. The name of Jesus has saved me from a life of darkness. Jesus is my light.

Who do you call, at an instant, in the moment of your need, no matter how great or small? Jesus is waiting on us to not only call His name but to also believe and trust in His name. Allow the name of Jesus to live loudly in your life! You’ll see the difference!

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