During the season of Lent my church is intentionally participating in a season of meditation and directed prayer and fasting. I have committed myself to these Lenten Season efforts also. Therefore, I will devote my Hump Day Helpers to the same subject matters highlighted for the weekly Lenten meditations.

This Week’s Prayer Assignment:

Subject of Meditation – “Faith”

Pray that in times of difficulty and struggle you will activate your faith to trust God more and to take Him at His word. Pray to God confessing your devotion to Him and your desire to study more of His word, thereby allowing His word to rest in your heart, building a trust in Him that is unwavering. With God, you can conquer anything!

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11:1

Prayer works! Complete the prayer assignment and watch God move in your midst. You can do this!

2 thoughts on “Faith Can Conquer Anything

  1. i do truly believe that faith is your motivation to continue to trust in the Lord. This week has truly been a storm. The devil has taken house within my niece and fooled her into believing that she can totally disrespect and raise her hand to me.( It touched me ) OMG! this was truly an out of body experience for me. I was at rage and it went down. After calming down I immediately went to God for prayer because this was a experience I did not like to be in. Alter calming down I realized that it is not her it is a spirit of Satan and I cannot let him have her. It has really been hard to process this without my emotions But God……..he will direct my steps, my thoughts, my heart and give me wisdom to deal with this. My prayer today is for all parents with teenagers is to pray, and pray some more, and then pray some more. JESUS…..please help me. With FAITH I can conquer anything. Please pray with me for peace and the motivation to want to have the strength to work this out.


    1. Livia, you know I am in prayer with you. I know God is already moving within in you, ministering to your every need for this situation. He made you and He knows all about you and will supply you with all you need to walk this road with your niece. You know the song….Nobody said it was gonna be easy. But God has not brought you, and you and your niece’s relationship, this far to leave you. Make no mistake about it, you are on God’s mind and He is ready to lead and guide you in this part of the journey. Settle your spirit and listen and watch for God’s leading. You know He won’t steer you wrong. I join you in pleading the blood of Jesus over the life of your niece and your family. I pray for obedience to fall over your house. I pray for callings and giftings to be confirmed in your house. I pray God’s miraculous power to arrest your home and each family member’s life. I pray for peace and joy to overcome you and love to abound. And I join you in rebuking the enemy and all of its forms and reaches, in the Mighty name of Jesus!! I believe God will bless you in the midst of your journey. And your faith in Him will conquer anything! You will always be my sistah friend!! Love you! God is with you!


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