During the season of Lent my church is intentionally participating in a season of meditation and directed prayer and fasting. I have committed myself to these Lenten Season efforts also. Therefore, I will devote my Hump Day Helpers to the same subject matters highlighted for the weekly Lenten meditations.

This Week’s Prayer Assignment:

Subject of Meditation – “Love”

Pray asking God for a new and fresh understanding of love, of loving yourself and others. Ask God to illuminate the lengths and depths of His love for you in a way that it obliterates any force that is positioned to challenge your thinking and believing the contrary. In your praying allow God’s convicting spirit to overcome you, to continue His transforming work in you, that you will no longer reserve your love for only those who love you back, but that your love will extend to those who have chosen to despise you, to those who have hurt you and without cause, to those who have disappointed you, and to those who don’t know how to love. Pray that God will strengthen you through that exercise of love, that it begins to form a new understanding of love in you – loving others as God has loved you. Commit your life to God, vowing your new love is a new commitment to serve Him better!

Now believe it and count it done. In the mighty, matchless name of Jesus. AMEN.

Prayer works! Complete the prayer assignment and watch God move in your midst. You can do this!

4 thoughts on “Love Still Lives Here

  1. That came right on time. Loving those that have hurt me and even my enemy was a hard task for me. But everyday in my new walk it has become so much easier. And honestly it feels like a weight lifted.

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    1. Amen Shawn! It’s a day by day journey that we must intentionally practice. Some days and people are harder than others. That’s why we pray for strength through it all! I see your new walk. It looks good on you!


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